Seawall's Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, & Equity Commitment

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Seawall exists to reimagine the real estate industry as we know it.

Our diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and equity (DIRE) work at Seawall is a journey and begins by acknowledging our failure to prioritize it in the past, perpetuating systems of inequity. We have always sought to create more accessible, inclusive, and united cities through our work and are committed to confronting our privilege with clear eyes.

We have committed to building a framework of common language and a set of meaningful initiatives that we know will change both our internal culture and external impact by better centering diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and equity. Below are a set of definitions, statements, and actions that we will revisit annually as a company, with the work being guided by our internal “DIRE Team,” made up of Seawall team members from all departments, backgrounds, and perspectives that are committed to being leaders internally in these areas.

Our DIRE commitment is always a work in progress and one that we believe is an essential, core part of our mission as a company. Please reach out to with any additional questions.

Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Equity at Seawall


We believe that representation of diverse perspectives, identities, and backgrounds of all types enriches and strengthens our work.

  • Action Items
    • Internally audit our diversity statistics annually and set quantitative goals for diversity within Seawall that are in line with our company’s expected growth.
    • Run accessible and far-reaching recruiting and hiring procedures that prioritize diversity and equity.


We strive to create an environment both within our company and in the communities we serve where every voice is not only heard, but is welcomed, celebrated, and acted upon.

  • Action Items
    • Build a Seawall Advisory Board that includes leaders from our company, community members, city leaders, and business owners. The Board will meet quarterly, with a focus on how Seawall best promotes diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and equity within our company and in the work we do.
    • Expand Seawall employee gatherings and outings to be more inclusive of diverse perspectives, interests, and backgrounds - while having a lot of fun together!


Our work to become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable both internally and externally is ongoing, and our commitment to anti-racism encompasses our desire to continually learn, examine, and improve our actions and priorities as a company.

  • Action Items
    • Build out an annual program of internal training, education, and conversations that focus on topics of diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and equity.


We recognize that institutional and personal systems of injustice and racism mean we must work tirelessly to correct and account for inequity in all facets of the work we do, both within our company and in the communities we serve.

  • Action Items
    • Work to reverse the inequities of the real estate and development industry by mentoring developers through our Black Developer Support Initiative.
    • Provide our employees with the benefits and allowances that allow them to thrive in the workplace and at home; nothing is too small or too big, and we seek to build a Seawall family within our company.

Black Developer Support Initiative

An Initiative of Seawall

At Seawall, we believe that the built environment should empower communities, unite our cities, and help launch powerful ideas. Historically, real estate and development have done more to divide us than actually bring us together. Our work has focused on creating usable, timeless projects that serve communities and cities for decades to come.

Since we got our start in Baltimore in 2007, we’ve always supported and lent advice to other young, first-time developers looking to get their start. Particularly, we recognize that real estate and development are industries that have institutionally blocked opportunities for Black developers, particularly in Baltimore. Our Black Developer Support Initiative seeks to help reverse that pattern by working with aspiring developers on project planning, modeling, marketing, property management and connection to capital lending opportunities, and ongoing mentorship.

Who we work with

Black developers, especially those with 0-3 years of real estate/development experience and lack of access to traditional capital and/or industry networks.

What we do

Assist developers in all aspects of project planning and execution, including:

  • Financial modeling and underwriting
  • Accessing capital
  • Marketing
  • Property management advising
  • Project programming
  • Ongoing mentorship
How to apply

We accept applications on a rolling basis, and you can expect to hear from us about the status of your application and any next steps within two weeks of submission.

Apply here


At Seawall, we believe in creating opportunities for growth and positive exposure for students and want to make it easy for anyone to get their foot in the door of community-centered real estate company. Because longer internships aren’t always the right fit (for students or us!), we’ve launched the Seawall Shadowship Program, designed to let high school and college students get a glimpse into the world of a socially conscious development company. Our hope is that through this program we can access more students throughout a year and at least begin to give them a taste of what development can be when looked at differently.

What's Involved


Selected students will be invited to a kickoff meeting with a member of the Seawall team where they can ask questions and get a better understanding of our approach to the work we do.


Student joins that Seawall team member in a meeting around a topic(s) they are interested in (could be construction, financing, leasing, accounting, community engagement, etc.); Seawall team members will plan to share case studies, project highlights, and potentially bring in other subject matter experts based upon what the student is most interested in.


Student participates in a debrief meeting with the Seawall team member as a final chance to ask questions, discuss lessons learned and identify next steps.

How to Apply

We accept applications on a rolling basis, and you can expect to hear from us about the status of your application and any next steps within two weeks of submission.

Apply Here


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