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Could Your Business Use:

  • A secure, economical, and effective way to connect your office to the Internet?
  • Instantaneous collaborative and marketing communications to reach existing or prospective partners and clients?
  • Fifty million potential customers just one step away from your door?
  • A system with more than just the above capabilities, that has a proven ability to pay for itself in a matter of months?
  • All of the above, with very little overhead, and for much less than you may be thinking?

The Seawall Internet Server Technology Blueprint

The Seawall Internet Server is engineered for ease of use and freedom from maintenance. Local Area Network users connect with familiar tools. Client access for Microsoft, Novell, and AppleShare networking provide a “drag and drop” method for data distribution. Web pages and the Extranet collaboration environment are easily maintained via accessing data areas as network disks. An advanced graphical user interface is provided for administration along with numerous additional tools that are useful in exploiting the server’s many benefits.

The Seawall Internet Server can provide:
  • Supports virtually any type of Internet connection
  • Firewall Gateway for office LAN
  • Encrypted connectivity ensures security and integrity of network data
  • Your own World Wide Web server:
  • E-Mail server capable of supporting many users and multiple hosts
  • FTP, anonymous and authenticated
  • LAN Client File Services
  • Domain Name Service
  • LAN and Remote Print Services
  • Domain Hosting
  • Dial-in PPP services
  • Automated Tape Backup
  • Faxing, Paging, and much more
Additional value added services, such as:
  • Proxy Server
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Voice Over IP Telephony

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