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Are you looking for secure, cost-conscious, yet dependable approaches in networked computing? We have the answer. Email us with a quick question or inquire about a thorough proposal. Covering new construction or upgrades to existing LANs or WANs, our solution will be a step above the rest.

Seawall, Inc. delivers innovative approaches for all manner of electronic information and network technology. We offer the most secure, reliable, and economical solutions specifically engineered for your office environment.

Check out the Seawall Internet Server. This standalone system acts as an office Internet firewall, gateway, and both Intranet and Extranet servers, in one economical package.


VOIP Phone Systems!
Seawall offers custom business-class Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone systems.

New Partnerships:
To augment our VOIP efforts Seawall has attained multiple manufacturer certifications. We now offer the best standards-based VOIP systems available.

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